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Birch Chaga Microbiome Wellness Capsules



If you’re like most people, you probably think of vitamins and minerals as the only important nutrients for good health. But there’s another critical element that’s often overlooked: phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are plant-based compounds that stimulate the immune and hormonal systems, and they play a vital role in keeping our bodies in balance.

Unfortunately, many of us don’t get enough phytochemicals in our diet, which can lead to serious health problems. That’s where Birch Chaga Microbiome Wellness Capsules come in. These powerful capsules are packed with phytochemicals from Birch Chaga mushrooms, one of the richest sources of these vital nutrients. The phenols present in Birch Chaga Microbiome Wellness Capsules (11454mg/100g) are high in antioxidants, thus protecting both cell membranes and cell membrane receptors by neutralizing free radicals whilst simultaneously regulating oxidative stress.

Each capsule provides a potent dose of phytochemicals to help support your immune system, balance your hormones, and promote overall wellness. Birch Chaga Microbiome Wellness Capsules aid in keeping your gut microbial environment in balance and providing the conditions to absorb and administer nutrients, antioxidants, fatty acids and minerals at a cellular level. And because they’re easy to take and free of artificial ingredients, Birch Chaga Microbiome Wellness Capsules are the perfect way to get the phytochemicals you need for optimal health.


– Improves gastrointestinal performance

– Provides energy and speeds up the recovery process after training

– Eliminates sleep disturbances

– Isolates toxins from the body that may lead to weight loss

– Removes joint pain

– Stabilizes blood sugar

– Solves skin problems

– Stabilizes iron level

– Quickens healing of injuries, as a result of additional oxygen

Ingredients: Birch chaga, wood extract containing humic substance (25% acid, 75% fulvic acid).
Other Ingredients: Cellulose capsule (plant-based)

Manufacturer country: Latvia

Amount: 30 caps

Bruto weight: 24g (0.05lb)

SUGGESTED USE: We recommend 1 capsule (0.5 g) per day, regardless of whether you are trying to fix a health problem or just maintain a healthy lifestyle. A higher dose is not needed, as the body simply does not consume more than necessary.


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