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One of the most common problems everyone is concerned about is hair loss! The majority of us tend to disregard dry, frizzy hair until it results in hair thinning and, eventually, hair loss. It could be due to ignorance or a lack of understanding of hair loss symptoms and the associated hair problems. However, in most scenarios, it happens due to a lack of understanding about the appropriate specialist. You may visit our best chiropractor Clearwater for treatment.

Alopecia can hamper your entire body or simply your scalp, which can be temporary or permanent. It could be caused by inheritance, hormonal changes, medical issues, or simply aging. Losing hair on the head is more common in men than in women.

Baldness is a term used to explain excessive hair loss from the scalp. The most prevalent reason for baldness is hereditary hair loss as people grow older. Some people choose to go unnoticed and untreated with their hair loss. You may use hairstyles, cosmetics, caps, and scarves to conceal it. Others choose one of the available therapies to prevent additional hair loss or restore hair growth. You can consult our chiropractors before starting your hair treatment.

Hair problem symptoms:

Hair loss can apparent itself in various ways, depending on the cause. It might strike abruptly or slowly, and it can affect your whole body or just your scalp.

The following are some of the signs of hair loss:

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  • Gradual thinning: This is the most prevalent type of hair loss, which occurs as people become older. There is a steady thinning of the skull’s top layer. In men, hair starts to recede at the hairline on the forehead. In older women, a receding hairline is an increasingly common hair loss trend (frontal fibrosing alopecia). The majority of women’s hair has a broadening of the part.
  • Circular or patchy bald: Some persons experience hair loss in circular or patchy bald areas on the scalp, beard, or brows. Earlier, the hair falls out, and your skin may become uncomfortable or unpleasant.
  • Trauma: Hair might loosen suddenly due to physical or mental trauma. When combing or cleaning your hair, or even after light tugging, a few strands of hair may fall out. Thinning hair is common with hair loss, although it is only temporary.
  • Hair loss all over the body: Few medical diseases and treatments, such as chemotherapy for cancer, can cause hair loss all over the body. Hair normally regrows on its own.
  • Scaling patches: They extend throughout the scalp. It is a sign of ringworm. Broken hair, redness, swelling, and leakage are among the signs that could occur.


When should you see an expert?

You may see our best chiropractor Clearwater if you or your child is experiencing persistent hair loss and seek treatment. If you are running out of hairline (facial fibrosing alopecia), talk to your consultant about getting treatment as soon as possible to avoid permanent baldness.

When combing or washing your child’s hair, talk to our chiropractor if you detect abrupt or uneven hair loss or more than typical hair loss. Sudden hair loss might indicate a medical problem that you need to address.


Causes for hair problems:          

Hair loss occurs when a person’s hair falls out and is not replaced by new hair. It is generally unnoticed because new hair grows at the same time. People shed 50 to 100 hairs per day on average.

One or more of the subsequent factors are commonly linked to hair loss.

Histories of the family (heredity):

The most prevalent cause of hair loss is a genetic condition that develops with age. Androgenic alopecia, often known as male-pattern or female-pattern baldness, is a hair loss condition that affects both men and women. It shows up in men as a receding hairline and bald spots, whereas in women as thinning hair around the top of the head. Our chiropractor in Clearwater can handle this type of issue.

Changes in hormones and medical conditions:

Hormonal changes induced by pregnancy, childbirth, menopause, and thyroid diseases are just a few of the events that affect women’s hormones that can cause permanent or temporary hair loss. Alopecia areata is a disorder related to your immune system that causes patchy hair loss and scalp infections like ringworm and trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder.

Supplements and medications: 

Hair loss can be a side effect of certain medications to treat cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout, and high blood pressure.

Head radiation therapy:

Experts use it to treat cancer. It’s conceivable that the hair won’t regrow as quickly as it did previously.

An extremely tense situation: 

After suffering physical or emotional stress, many people notice a general thinning of their hair several months later. This category of hair loss is only temporary.


Excessive hairstyling or hairstyles like pigtails or cornrows that pull your hair tight can cause traction alopecia, a kind of hair loss. Hair loss could be permanent if scarring develops. Hot-oil hair treatments and permanents can also cause hair loss.

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Factors that are at risk:

  • Losing hair can be caused by various circumstances, including:
  • A mother’s or father’s side of the family has a history of baldness.
  • Significant weight reduction as you become older.
  • Diabetes and lupus are two medical disorders that cause stress.
  • Nutritional deficiencies.

Hair problem prevention:

Genetics is to blame for most baldness cases (male-pattern baldness and female-pattern baldness). You cannot avoid this form of hair loss.

These suggestions may help you avoid preventable hair loss:

  • Take good care of your locks. Use a detangler and prevent tugging when brushing and combing your hair, especially if it’s wet. You can take out hair with the use of a wide-toothed comb. Avoid using hot rollers, curling irons, hot-oil treatments, and permanents. Rubber bands, barrettes, and braids can cause a lot of hair tension.
  • Consult your chiropractor if you’re using any medications or supplements that could be causing hair loss.
  • Protect your hair from UV rays from the sun and other sources.
  • Quit smoking. Some studies have discovered a link between smoking and male baldness.
  • If you’re getting chemotherapy, talk to your doctor about getting a cooling hat. This cap can help you avoid hair loss while undergoing chemotherapy.

If you or your acquaintance anyone is facing a hair problem, the person may visit our Integrated Health Solutions for affordable treatment procedures. You will get quality care for your hair problems. Our best chiropractor Clearwater uses modern technologies for treatments.

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